The Forth Street Cruise – Waterloo Iowa

Hey all you cool cats, if you missed this year’s Fourth Street Cruise in Waterloo Iowa then you missed one great festival. This year marked the 30th Anniversary of the Cruise which traverses the route that used to be the “Main Drag” in the 50’s. There were approximately 1600 cars in this year’s Cruise and we were fortunate to be in one of them. My Father has a fully restored 1951 Ford Victoria and used to cruise the same route in the same model of car we spent this fine Saturday in.

One of the coolest cars we witnessed was a 1949 Ambulance/Hearse called The Soul Taker

Here is the Video of interest (Watch the tail pipes of the car in front of us)

All in all it was a very fun day and yes they had a beer tent and even a Jamaica Smoothie Tent (Sans Vodka, but we know how to fix that)

Dad,Marilyn and Me

Marilyn and Me

The Professor


  1. Hi Prof! Look at all those beauties! We are actually looking for a restored car for our October 1st wedding in Waterloo! Do you know of anybody who would allow us to at least take photos with their classic car and maybe drive us from the church to our reception (about a mile We would really appreciate any advice you can offer. Cheers!


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