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Looking at the title of this post and thinking that would make a great title for a Blog or even a book. Hum? In any event I am posting early this week as I had a nice evening last Friday sans Central Patti whose attendance would have made it a great night.

If I did not know better I would think I had a hangover, but as I do not get hangovers I must have slept wrong. Could it be the 10 shots of Bourbon I had? No I think not, but I digress. Fortunately I stated to take the advice of my second favorite author Dan Dunn and started to carry a note pad and my smart phone so I can remember where I have been, who I talked to and other important events from the previous night. Why you ask? So I can post them here and you can enjoy.

Started the evening with Happy Hour here at MySideOfTheBar with 4 Hemingway Highballs then walked up to Californo’s in Westport. I had not seen Joel in awhile and as previously posted he makes the best Manhattan in KC. I was kicked out after one drink! No not for the reason you are thinking, there we closed for a wedding reception, but as I am a regular Joel served me anyway.

The groom, best man and groomsman stopped in for a drink on the way to the church and I should have bought them a shot, but I really felt pity for these your idiots as the groom is clueless on the world of hurt he is in for. However while chatting with them it would have been good to be in the wedding as he gave Apple TV’s to his attendants. Wow and I only gave money clips the first time around.

So as Californo’s was not an option I walked up the street to the Beer Kitchen. The Beer Kitchen is a fairly new establishment in Westport that features gourmet pub cuisine at a moderate price. The place was packed, but I managed to procure a place at the bar next to a young couple who reminded me of a younger version of J. and J. V. (I actually remember J. and J. when they were younger) J., not J. used to be one of the few of the fairer sex who could drink with me, however last we were together alas she could not. (J you know the rest of that story). I had a couple of Vodka Tonics and then ordered some food. Food is always good when you are in the first few hours of a 8 hour bender.

I ordered the Brown Shugga' Salmon, which is Salmon (Duh) with a horseradish-brown sugar crust, and wilted arugula, smoked bacon, brussel sprouts, crispy yukon potatoes and added as side of Honey-Bacon Glazed brussel sprouts. I told you it was gourmet. I added a glass of house Pinot Noir to the meal and I have to say that was one great meal.

Next off to Fidel’s, oh wait looking at my notes I stopped at Harry’s for another Vodka Tonic. Not much happening at Harry’s so after a quick drink, or was it two? Hum, looking at my notes I was not keeping an accurate count of my drinks, which no professional drinker does. Maybe the rest of this blog is not that accurate either?

Now on to Fidel’s for a Cigar and some serious drinking and stimulating conversation with the cast of Friday Usual Suspects. I found a seat and started a conversation with N. an N. whose names if I were going to print I could not pronounce anyway. N. (not N.) I had chatted with many times before was a world traveler and enjoys good Saki, so naturally I had to have some. I shared some of my Bourbon with them and a really hot couple sat down next to me. And by hot I mean the female of the couple was HOT!

I noticed she was not smoking and asked why? She stated she did from time to time but had never found a cigar she cared for. What a weekend for Central Patti to be absent as she is the spokes person for flavored Cigars. I gave my quick two minute commercial on CAO flavored cigars and the male of this sexy couple went an purchased her a Cherry Bomb. Where is my commission?

They finished their smoke and I was into my 4 Bourbon by the time they bid me ado. Rats, now back to conversation with N. and N. who were discussing high performance sports cars with another guy who had come in while I was chatting with Mr. and Mrs. Hot Couple. I was finishing my Cigar and about to leave when I looked to my left and two cute young ladies sat down in the same chair and both were smoking, what else, a Cheery Bomb. They had heard my commercial early and took my advice. (where is my commission CAO?)

I was into my sixth Bourbon by this time and would have offered them one but neither was old enough to drink. Apparently you have to be 21 to drink bout only 18 to smoke. The you lady on the left enjoyed writing like me so I gave her some advice about having thin skin or some such BS and that she had many avenues to publish unlike me when I was there age many decades ago. They both enjoyed Hemingway and Fitzgerald so we had a nice chat that lasted about 3 more Bourbons. When they left I noticed by 10 shot flask was empty (I shared 2 of the 10 with N. and N.) So off to my humidor/locker where I always keep a relief bottle of Four Roses.

After a few more Bourbons my second Cigar was finished so It was time for a cab ride back to MySideOfTheBar. Central Patti called about the time I arrived so I had a night-cap while we chatted then off to bed.

Ok enough ramblings time for a Bloody Mary.


The Professor


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