Happy St. Patricks Day!

Last year I posted a history or the history such as we know it on St. Patrick’s Day and I may indeed rerun this post later in the week. However, this week I believe I will post a little on a St. Pat’s Party I was fortunate to attend.

We left K.C. late last week and headed for the Lake of the Ozarks and our condo for the annual St. Patty’s Day Cruise on the Celebration. Most of you undoubtedly have noticed the high gas prices lately and indeed a trip of this length is not cheap, but for MySideOfTheBar I am not going to worry about gas prices (well not yet anyway)

Friday night we hit it a little hard with the Usual Suspects at Baypoint and finally shut it down about 3:00 in the A.M. Actually I had a night cap of scotch so it was closer to four in the morning for me.

We were back up and at it around nine and while I do not get hang-over’s I could not help but think what a good hang-over food would be. In the old days Central Patti and I had the nicknames of Mashed Tater and Cream Horn. (I will let you decide on who was who) In the old drinking days we would get bad hang-over’s and those foods would be the only cure.

Thankfully we do not worry about such ailments today and naturally we opted for Bloody Mary’s (you can read about my recipe in the previous blog Infused Vodka ) As we were going to have brunch with S. and C. O. around 10:30 I began to cut up some items for a skillet scramble and came to one conclusion; Do not cut up veggies while slightly inebriated. (Thanks for the band-aid Central Patti) Brunch went well and we had S.O.’s world famous pancakes along with our skillet scramble and were now more than ready to keep drinking.

By the way, my favorite Irish Song for the weekend was “The Green and Red of Mayo”.

The weather was great so we made a quick liquor stop and decided to tail gate as we waited for the Celebration to depart.

Tailgating prior to boarding

As you can see by the picture above shopping after drinking is a bad idea, thus the goofy glasses.

The only good picture of the boat. S. and C. O. and Central Patti

Once on the boat we had a great spot on the back deck to enjoy the fantastic weather and have a few drinks and a cigar. The live music was very good as was the company as several old friends joined us for the cruise.

They even let Central Patti drive the boat.

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