Condo Crawl 2011

Believe it or not it was that time of year again. Time for the fourth annual Condo Crawl here at Baypoint. The weekend started a little rough with Central Patti and I having to leave K.C. a little early just to stay one step and two degrees above the freezing rain and snow. However, we were very luck compared to S. and C. O. who had to spend the night in the Roach Motel in Palmyra MO. And to make matters worse the seasoned pair from the great state of Iowa did not even pack a proper winter travel kit. You know extra clothes, snow shovel and lots of BOOZE!

In any event we all did make it and this year we had six condos represented. We started Friday night in tradition with the planning party at S. and S. M’s condo and I drank my traditional bottle of Grants while the gals plotted the order of the crawl.

Saturday as with many other days at the condo start with tradition and this year was no different as S.O. and I began the morning with the traditional walking of the docks to see if, well just to see. With nothing amiss we went to our condo and joined Central Patti and C.O. for the opening ceremonies.

After about an hour the other crawlers began to arrive. Our theme this year was October Fest and we had several types of beers available as well as some other party favors and a souvenir pint glass for the guests. The fare was brats, kraut, potato salad and coleslaw.

After about an hour were off to the second stop, S. and C. O’s condo where much to my dismay we did NOT have the world famous desert that we had last year (which I helped to make) However they did have an awesome Champagne Cocktail with Strawberries in a very classy dispenser. I am happy to report that no glasses were sacrificed this year at their condo so it was on to the next.

Stop three was P. and D. T. where they had a Hawaiian theme and we all got Leied and S.M. tried on a coconut bikini (I have pictures if you have money) They had some excellent Hawaiian meatballs and Aisle Two Punch (Recipe – Take a bottle of everything in Aisle Two and pour in punch bowl) That I really enjoyed.

At stop four we were treated to Beer Margaritas and some really good cucumber sandwiches at B. and R. M. I ate several of the little sandwiches as there were light and refreshing. Beer Margaritas are an interesting concoction that you really should try. I was first introduced to them by M. and D. C. a couple of years back.

Stop five one of the high spots of the crawl for S. O. as this was at N. M’s condo and she made her now famous Won tons from scratch. She served both crab and chicken and I am happy to report that I did get to enjoy two before they were all gone and I did not even loose a hand or fingers. I did hear was some gnashing of teeth but made it out the door unscathed and was on my way to condo crawl six.

Stop six and the final stop was at S. and S. M’s condo where we once again enjoyed their very spicy Shrimp Creole along with Hurricanes and some type of lemonade drink that appeared to be on the same line as Aisle Two punch. We stayed at this condo for the remaining of the night all the time loosing crawlers and the last of the Usual Suspects finally stopped crawling about 2:30 A.M. Hopefully we did not overstay our welcome?

It was another great crawl and it is safe to say a good time was had by all.


The Professor


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