S.D. Strong Distilling

Made in a Cave

Just before the holidays a new member of the KCTobacPack brought us a couple of offerings from the S.D. Strong Distillery.

Now to be honest this is one distillery that I had not heard much about. They advertise as "made in a cave" and my the looks of the website this is true. While I plan on a future outing to this distillery, I can tell you that for the Big Boom Bourbon they advertise as such

"After nearly three years in American white oak barrels, Big Boom bursts with spice, fresh oak and soft corn notes, all underscored by a rich layer of caramel"

I find this to be extremely accurate and I could have written exactly as they did after tasting. I would rate this slightly better that the Restless Distillery Whiskey that I recently tried and much, much better than the Badlands Whiskey I tried earlier this year.

For the Vodka you also get a light corn flavor and according to MySideOfTheBars resident Martini expert, "It makes an excellent Martini."

More on this distillery in the coming months and don't take my word for it give this alcohol a try.

The Professor


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