Bartender's Brand Mix

Or as I like to call them "Bartender's Friends). With the Holiday Season once again upon us I thought you might be interested in a little item that will make you a hit at YourSideOfTheBar with you group of "Usual Suspects."

These are great and very easy for making top shelf Cocktails. Each box contains 8 packets and you mix one packet with 1 1/2 oz. alcohol and 1 1/2 oz water. Shake in a Cocktail Shaker and pour into your favorite glass.

Tip: I use 4 oz. of alcohol and 3 oz. water which makes about two cocktails and still very tasty.

I have only tried the Whisky Sour, Lemon Drop, and Margarita as in the picture. (there is also a daiquiri mix) but have received great feedback from my "Usual Suspects." Priced at about a dollar each they are more expensive than you normal mixes, but in my opinion are worth the little extra.

Check you local liquor store and they are also available online (Amazon)

The Professor


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