The Baypoint Condo Crawl

Baypoint Condo Crawl comes but once a year
So raise a glass and give a cheer

We have had as few as 4 and as many as 13
and always one of the best times you have ever seen

We have crawled in rain and crawled in snow
and even a couple of interlopers couldn't ruin the show

One year Nancy and I went down on the ice
and probably would still be there if Bob Swartz wasn't so nice

You probably think me a liar, but
One year we even had a fire

From popcorn to Steve's spicey shrimp creole we have had most fare
and you can have the food Bob Mcallister serves only if you dare

One year R and P and S and C were clearly trying to settle a score
Perhaps that is why they stayed up till Four

We finally made it to building 373
We will find out after this year if it is the place to be

From constitutes to themes we have had many a doin
We have even had two guys a spoonin

We know by now the crawl is one of the best
You can see that clearly by the number of guests

The Bourbon and Cigars signal the end is near
Of this we can be quite clear and
as the night draws to a close have no fear
Cause you don't  have to go home, but you have to get the hell out of here

The Professor


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