5 Top Cigars

I get asked this question all the time. "What are your 5 favorite Cigars?" Well as far as manufactures go that is easy, however narrowing down the choices to individual Cigars is not as easy.

The Top 5 Manufactures/Companies are as follows

Alec Bradley
E.P. Carillo

The next will be a little tricky as I rate my sticks on two main criteria, taste combined with cost point.  It should also come as no surprise that all sticks are more on the full body side. So here we go.

5.   Ashton San Cristobal Papagayo: Using a blend of rich mixture of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers. Carefully balanced and patiently aged, these hand-selected . You get a great full body taste from this stick.

4. E. P. Carillo Inch Maduro: What I really like about this cigar is that it is a true "man's cigar"  Masterfully constructed with a dark, chocolate wrapper. The smoke is rich with cocoa, leather, and coffee, yet balanced with a sweet, spicy finish.

3.  Camacho Corojo:  Blended with all Cuban-seed Corojo tobacco grown in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras and a fifth priming wrapper. According to Camacho, the seeds for this tobacco were smuggled out of Cuba in the ‘60s, making these cigars some of the closest you can get to actual Cuban tobacco.

Now here is where it gets trickey

I really enjoy every stick I have had from Alec Bradley and I have 3 favorites
The Black Market, The Nica Puro and the Prensado

2. I have to stick to my rating system here and go with the Black Market (taste and cost point): A 4-country blend is jam-packed with Jamastran, Honduras and Panamanian long-fillers, capped off by a lively Sumatra binder and powerful Nicaraguan wrapper leaf. Great full bodied stick!

It is widley known that one of the first cigar events I attended was a Kristoff event and safe to say that my love affair with Kristoff from the moment I put a match to my first Matador Maduro.

1. Kristoff Matador Maduro Ligero: Handmade in the Dominican Republic. At their core is a blend of well-aged Cuban-seed Dominican and Nicaraguan longfillers, snugly nestled in Cuban-seed Dominican binders

So there you have it and I should also say that variety makes the world go round. (at least here at MySideOfTheBar) and I really like smoking a variety of sticks. This makes  your favorite stand out when you get back to them in your smoking rotation.

The Professor


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