Smoking Bourbon

A month or so back Central Patti and I were in the Manifesto enjoying a few craft cocktails. One of her favorites that evening was The Smoke and Choke. Now I have to admit that I did not try it, however as this is the time of year I spend a lot of time in my Cocktail Lab Central Patti Challenged me to give it a try.

So off to the internet I went and found a couple of You Tube channels that outlined the entire process. The most challenging part was to smoke the Bourbon, which it the base spirit of the Smoke and Choke.

There were several ways I could accomplish this. Use my smoker, smoke a cocktail shaker or use liquid smoke. However, I wanted to go the technical route so I bought a Smoking Gun (insert joke here)

I chose the one from Poly Science that was available on Amazon. This gun is very easy to use by following the directions (just DON'T pack the wood chips to tight) and in ten minutes or so you have smoked bourbon. There are many other uses for this piece of equipment as well,  however for now I have some Smoked Four Roses. Now on to the actual Smoke and Choke Cocktail.

Stay Tuned
The Professor


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