Most of us have either used a wingman or been a wingman at least once in our life. The most famous of all wingmen is probably Goose from the movie Topgun

Recently Central Patti, our buddy T.G. and Myself attended a fund raiser for the Great Kansas City Firefighters Local 42 which was hosted by Eric Hosmer (First Basemen for the KC Royals). The event was also attended by may more from the team. Now T.G. is a friend of most of the Royals organization and decided he needed a wingman due to the large number of beautiful women who were in attendance.

Now T.G. does well with the ladies, however I believe (as you can see above) it was simply the numbers that made him seek out a wingman. Now why he did not choose me was beyond my concemption ;) however he choose Mike Moustakas, third basemen of the KC Royals.

The two approached the bevy of beauties and began by chatting them up. As the conversation progressed the dynamic duo finally got around to the line for the ladies,

"You know who this is don't you?"

to which the ladies in question replied,

"We  have no idea"

so the morale to the story is that if you are going to use a celebrity wingman, be sure your targets have at least heard of them.

The Professor


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