The Rooster

It is not often that I find a Bloody Mary I like as good as the ones I make (See: Infused Vodka), however we recently were in Saint Louis and when a couple of the Usual Suspects (S. and S. M.) found out  they picked us up on a beautiful Sunday morning and took us to the Rooster

The Rooster has been voted both “The Best Breakfast and the Best Restaurant” in Saint Louis. While I cannot comment on those statements it would be hard to believe a Better Bloody Mary bar in Saint Louis. It only takes one look at their Bloody Mary Menu to make a believer out of anyone. With 11 Bloody Mary’s listed and two fancy stuffed olive selections (The Bacon Cheddar Olives are fantastic) you should not have to look far to find one that best suits your taste and I ordered the House Bloody Mary that includes 17 ingredients.

 The Professor, Central Patti and two of the Usual Suspects S. and S. M.

As you can see this looks fantastic and taste the same and as 1 picture is worth a thousand words there is not much more I can say about the Rooster except if you are in Saint Louis you will not want to miss it!

The Professor


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