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We have a new feature here at MySideOfTheBar, cigar reviews by a guest reviewer. Normally as you know we have not done a lot of product reviews on this blog, but I believe you can see that this is no ordinary review by a new Usual Suspect J-Dubb. (J.W. from @360photography).

The Kristoff Sumatra

Throwing the scarf over my shoulder to keep the cold wind off my neck. You can hear the Coyotes in the distance, almost like they are closing in and watching me. Chills go up my spine. CLICK, the sound fills the night air, followed by a flame and a moment of warmth. I rasie my Kristoff Sumatra and give it a puff. The warm relaxed taste with a touch of sweet spice makes the world right. With the Coyotes closing in I am as relaxed as my Kristoff Sumatra. I can set back, set fear to the side, and bask in my glory

J-Dubb Scale - 8 out of 10

Look for more reviews from J-Dubb in the future here At MySideOfTheBar

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