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With all the snow here @MySideOfTheBar there has not much much going out so we have been doing most of our drinking while reading or watching TV. This brought up some great conversations with Central Patti and I decided to turn the conversation into a Trivia Contest.

1. In Sanford and Son, what was Fred's drink of choice?

2. In the Show Mad Men, what alcohol does Don Draper keep in the kitchen cupboard?

3. In the book "To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion" you find a cocktail, "Scottish Mountain Spring", what is this cocktail?

4. In real life Spencer Tracy used to relax in a tub drinking what unusual concoction?

5. What Pub did Jack, Crissy, and Janet frequent?

6. What Beer does Homer Simpson consume in mass quantities?

7. What was Sonny Crockett's drink of choice?

8. In the African Queen, Charlie Allnut had a large quantity of what type and brand of Alcohol dumped overboard by Rosie Sayer?

9. If you make a Manhattan according to the standard recipe, you use a formula based on the area code of Manhattan. What is the area code of Manhattan?

10. In the Song, "The Day the Music Died" what did the good ole boys drink?

For the first person who answers the most questions correctly and replies to me by any means privately a special prize will be rewarded.

The Professor


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