The Osage Cigar Company

Not too long back I was in the Lake of the Ozarks and happen to stop in at the Osage Cigar Company for a Cigar Event. The Osage CigarCompany is owned by Charlene McCaslin whom you may remember if you have stopped into the shop at either this location or its former location at Cigars and Pars. Charlene was an employee for 9 years prior to becoming owner in the last year. Charlene is charming and knowledgeable as well as very passionate about cigars.  

On this day the Cigar Event had a Cigar Roller on hand. Fred an American Cigar Roller from the St. Louis area was rolling sticks as fast as he could trying to keep up with the demand of the customers (myself included) who were purchasing them as fast as he could roll them. I was fortunate to purchase a few that were dry so I could enjoy a smoke and chat with Fred for a couple of hours while he worked.

Fred and Charlene

Fred purchases his filler and binder pre-rolled for events in order to keep up with demand and then hand rolls the wrapper. On this day he was using a Connecticut wrapper from the Dominican Republic and I will have to say it as a nice smoke.

Fred rolls for private events as well as other vendors and if you attend Madre Gras in the St. Louis area you may have seen Fred rolling and sharing his knowledge on Cigars. He will even teach you about the art of Cigar Rolling. (see pic below)

Fred was very knowledgeable on Cigars and even gave me a tip on an Alec Bradley Black Market Cigar that I tried the next week. (See Reviews at Smokes and Booze)

It was a great couple of hours and if you are in the Lake of the Ozarks area be sure to stop by the Osage Cigar Company.

*If any of the above facts are incorrect or if you wish to have more added on the Osage Cigar Company or Fred, please contact me.


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