Bars and Art

Even though I have been to the Louver and Monet’s House in Paris, I do not profess to be an expert in what passes for art.  I know what I like and what I do not like and try to spend a couple of days a year in the Nelson Atkins Art Museum here in KC.  You also have to amit that you do not normally think of bars as being a display of fine art.
I do however know something cool when I see it and here are a couple of examples I found recently.
Bar Louie is a bar in the Power and Light District and has a great Happy Hour with five dollar Martini’s made with top shelf alcohol.

Central Patti had “The Dirty” and I of course had a Manhattan. For the Dirty they used Effen Vodka and in my Manhattan the used Makers 46.

Check out the Menu and you see that this is a great place to have Happy Hour.
In addition we snapped this photo of some wall art that we both thought was pretty neat.

We also just attended the West Port Art Fair and happened to stop in the Dark Horse for a couple of Cocktails. The Dark Horse is a quintessential “dive bar” and for those of you that know me you also know that I use the term “dive bar” with the highest respect. The Dark Horse is also the home of the long time KC standard Torre’s Pizza, a great late night snack stop for decades.
The Dark Horse also had a great wall poster that looked as good as if it were hand painted.

You may never see the above in the Louver, however my eyes have been open because of these pictures and art truly is where you find it.


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