Alec Bradley Cigar Event

A short while ago I had the opportunity to attend the Alec Bradley Event at my favorite smoke shop, Fidel’s.  You may remember my review of the Presado at Smokes and Booze last year, however the back story on this cigar is surprising.

I had the previlege to meet the owner Alan Rubin and he was as nice and charming as his Cigars are smooth and great tasting.

Back to the Presado story:

I was in Fidel’s one Friday night last winter enjoying a smoke and some Bourbon and as the time to leave approached I decided to buy some Cigars for the weekend so I went around the front room and choose several sticks that were on display. When I grabbed one at random the next day and started to smoke it I was shocked at how good the stick was. I looked at the label and noticed it was an Alec Bradley Presado and when Central Patti asked how it was I replied, “this is one of the best Cigars I have ever smoked.”

The next day I started to write my review and when I finished I looked this stick up on the web and found it had been voted the Number 1 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado. Imagine my surprise.

Alan enjoyed the story and I enjoyed the event and the box of Black Market Cigars I purchased that night


The Professor


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