The Five People I Would Like to have at MySideOfTheBar

I have been fortunate enough to have met and had a smoke/drink with a few of my “idols” here at MySideOfTheBar, most notable thus far are Glenn Case of Kristoff Cigars and Al Young of Four Roses Bourbon.

As I was sitting and enjoying a Cocktail and a Cigar the other night I was thinking, who would I most like to meet and chat with over a Cigar or Drink?

Charlie Sheen: I will have to admit until two of the Usual Suspects turned me on to “Two and a Half Men” I really did not know anything about Charlie’s character, Charlie Haper, but S. and C. O. kept saying “You are Charlie”. Well to tell you the truth I am still not convinced. It is true that I have been wearing bowling shirts and have been a germ a phoebe and have enjoyed good Alcohol and Cigars long before seeing a single episode. Now that I think about it that is quite the coincidence, or not? Charlie’s character aside I think he would be a great individual to site and have a Cigar and a Scotch with at MySideOfTheBar.

Billy Bob Thornton: Not only has Mr. Thornton been in a few of my all time favorite movies (Bad Santa, Monsters Ball and The Alamo to name a few) but he has also  been involved with some of the best looking women both on and off the screen (Halie Berry and Angelina Jolle to name two) To me Billy Bob would seem to be down to earth and could be one of the few individuals who could drink me under MySideOfTheBar.

Bruce Willis: Yes there are some connections with Bruce and Billy Bob I will not elaborate on, however you have to admit that Bruce has played some of the manliest characters ever in his movies and is know to enjoy great Cigars. He is also involved in many, many charitable projects and seems really genuine.  Who knows, I might even get to meet Demi ;)

Shorty Rossi: Shorty is an original self-made man who has gone from convict to a public figure who is evolved in several great charities. Now I am not a fan of reality TV and have never seen his show, Pit Boss, however you have to give Shorty Kudos for his work with rescuing dogs and his company that promotes the talents of “Little People” In his interview’s Shorty appears to real and I would enjoy sharing sitting and enjoying a smoke and drink with him and just listen to what he has to say..

Bob Kevoian: Yes, Bob of the Bob and Tom show. Bob is a Beer Drinking, Cigarette Smoking,  lover of women’s breast. What is not to like? Bob seems as if he could walk into a bar, sit have a beer and not be affected by his celebrity status.
So there you have it, my Fab 5 to site with at MySideOfTheBar. Who would you choose?

Some of you may notice that there are no women on this list. Well that is another list I have. Central Patti and I both had a list of 5 people we have a “hall pass” with and while Central Patti has on her list many young celebrity hunks, I am more practical. My list includes, Jennifer Aniston and the 4 hot neighbor ladies ;)

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