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It is time again for a Q and A session with just a few of the questions we are being asked here at MySideOfTheBar
Q. What are you drinking right now?
A. Well that is the most common question that is asked, and the answer is always subjective to either when I am asked or the time I am writing up the question. Wait, what? What was the question? Actually as I type I am enjoying a Gin and Tonic with a slice of Lime.
Q. What is your favorite drink/cocktail?
A. Again somewhat subjective, but as most of you know Four Roses Bourbon is one of the big favorite’s here. I also enjoy a Vodka and diet citrus green tea on a regular basis.

Q. What music do you enjoy?
A. Well that depends on the day and time. I really enjoy listening to XM Radio and much of the time I listen to Siriusly Sinatra. I have recently discovered two new groups through Twitter and Facebook.

From Midnight On and The Hunting Accident are both really great groups and I have them both queued up often on my IPod.
Q. What is your favorite App for your Smart Phone?
A. Since I just got a new phone I have been really enjoying many new Apps. I have the XM Radio App which is great and I can now get rid of one of my radios. I also really like Pandora, which opens an entire new world of music.

Q. What are you cooking/mixing at MySideOfTheBar?
A. Lots of new things, I just infused my first batch of fresh cherries bourbon for my continuing search of the Perfect Manhattan. I just infused my first batch of Vodka with bacon. I am also working on over-aging Bourbon. (More on all this in later blogs)

Q. What is your Favorite new bar?
A. We just stopped into the Plaza III for the first time in a number of years and their bar is great. Happy hour is a great bargain with both appetizer and drink specials. (more to follow)

Q. Have you had any surprises lately from Cocktails?
A. We had dinner the other night at The Grunauer and their Wunderbar menu had great classic cocktails with a German Twist. I had a Sasafras which was their take on an Old Fashion, made with Four Roses Bourbon and a German root beer replacing the Vermouth.
Q. Any favorite new shows/movies?
A. I don’t watch much TV, but I had to tune in for the premier of Anger Management. I was not disappointed and I am happy for Charlie. Still Winning!
That is all for now keep your questions coming.

Cheers The Professor

P.S. Just a quick note to say MySideOfTheBar is now registered so the official site is now simply http://mysideofthebar.com/ which also means you can contact us at theprofessor@mysideofthebar.com and centralpatti@mysideofthebar.com


  1. I totally agree with Anger Management - I think it is funnier that 2 and Half Men and the jokes are edgier.


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