Best Happy Hour in KC

I am not surprised all that often here at MySideOfTheBar, but a few weeks back I was stunned! Central Patti and I were having dinner at one of the finer five star restaurants in KC, The Plaza III.

This is not the first time we had dined here and normally we get a table and enjoy one of the better steaks in the city. On this night we were a little early for our reservation so we grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a couple of cocktails while we waited, we discovered it was happy hour. David the bartender at the Plaza III for around 20 years presented us with the menu for Happy Hour and we were stunned. The prices were incredible! Martini’s for six bucks is unheard of here on the Country Club Plaza so we both ordered one, Central Patti a Cosmo and I of course a Manhattan.

We had both had a couple of drinks while we perused the rest of the Happy Hour Menu and by then our table was ready where as expected we both had an excellent steak.
We went back the next week explicitly for Happy Hour and we ordered 2 Beef Tenderloin Skewers, 3 Chicken Skewers, 4 Oysters on the Half Shell and 2 Crab Cake Sliders with some of the best fries we had ever tasted. Of course we also had a few drinks apiece spent a great 2 hours conversing with ourselves and David. Then the biggest shock of all, the entire bill came and it was under $50.00!

So needless to say we dubbed the Plaza III as the best Happy Hour in KC and we have been back yet another time since!
The Professor


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