Kansas City Marriott Lounge

This past week we were fortunate to have a good friend in town who was staying at the Marriott in downtown K.C. We agreed to meet in the lounge and and as we arrived by cab I had not realized how nice of a hotel this place was. I had previously stayed at the Marriott on the KC Plaza and while this is a nice place it pales compared to the downtown location.

While there were several bars in this hotel we were fortunate that both parties picked the same one. The Lobby Bar Muehlebach Tower is where we met. This was a lovely bar and had it's own personality you would notice as you first entered. There was a piano bar portion and then a slightly elevated bar where met our friend, C.G. The bar was very comfortable in both seating and atmosphere and we ordered our drinks. I ordered a Manhattan and was a little disappointed they did not stock Four Roses, however not many watering holes in K.C. do so I went with the standard, Makers Mark.

The bartender here did a decent job of making this classic cocktail and as you may expect I had several. The prices here were very modest. We chatted and drank while listening to the standards coming from the piano.

All in all a very nice bar in K.C. that we will visit again.

The Professor


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