How Much?

I am asked this question several times a month: How much do you drink?

Well the term "how much" is a very relative term and to me probably a close relative. :) and depends if this is on a weeknight or a weekend. So I decided to keep a journal yesterday of the drinks I consumed.

Remember, I am a professional do not try this at home :)

8:40 A.M. Double Bloody Mary
9:14 A.M. Double Bloody Mary
10:00 A.M. Screw Driver
10:50 A.M. Green Tea and Vodka (GTV) (a Green Tea Highball)
11:40 A.M. GTV
12:40 P.M. GTV
1:20 P.M. GTV 2:35 P.M. GTV - Slowed down some having a cigar and doing a cross word puzzle
3:28 P.M. GTV
4:00 P.M. GTV
4:30 P.M. Vodka Martini (Shaken Not Stirred)
5:00 P.M. Glass of Chianti
5:30 P.M. Glass of Chianti
6:00 P.M. Glass of Chianti
6:45 P.M. Glass of Chianti
7:30 P.M. Hemingway Highball
8:30 P.M. Hemingway Highball

Thus ends the day
Cheers The Professor


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