Why do we go to Bars and Pubs?

I was sitting in one of my favorite bars the other day, The Classic Cup on the Plaza and made a remark to Central Patti about how good of time we were having. This made me think, “Why do we go to bars to drink?” After all we can drink for free at home, or so some tell me. If you Google the term you can find many humorous WebPages on topic so I thought I would try to list my top five reasons we go to bars or pubs.

5. Happy Hour Appetizer Specials – If you do your homework and shop around you can find many places that offer terrific happy hour specials on food (as well as drinks) and today most even carry a health menu.

4. The Atmosphere – Who does not like sitting in a bar enjoying all the sights and sounds going on around you as you imbibe your favorite cocktail. There is something very relaxing and yes even somewhat therapeutic.

3. The Music – I love going to lounges to hear the lounge singers and performers. Some of my favorite places in K.C. are the Copa Room, Odowd’s and Jardines.

2. The Drinks – I love to chat with baristas on their style and choice of alcohol in different drinks. After all how is there a better way to learn? I have leaned to mix my two favorites, the Vodka Dirty Martini and the Manhattan, not to mention the Hemingway Highball from different bartenders.

1. People Watching - Most of the faithful who read this Blog will find it hard to believe that drinks did not make number one, however without the people the drinks would just not be the same. We have always loved to simply sit and enjoy a cocktail while watching people. The way the dress, the way the walk, the drinks they order are all very interesting.

So what are the reasons you enjoy going out to have a cocktail?



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