Three (or Four or More) Little Letters

The other evening we were in a nice Martini Bar and I noticed a table of four your women. Now you can guess as to why I noticed them, but you may not be able to guess what I remember about the scene. All four were on their cell phones either texting (may have been Tweeting) or talking to someone else! Why would you bother to arrange to have Martini’s with your friends if you were going to talk/text others anyway?
Now I am fairly new to texting and I decided when I do text if I have to type over three letters or so for a sentence then I am probably not going to text. My first experience with texting I did not have a “Smart Phone” so texting was slow and tedious.

Now I am not all that unfamiliar with three letter abbreviations. The first I remember was from my teen years, NO PDA! You will also recall that in the 80’s PDA took on a whole different meaning (Well so did the word Gay)

Profound Usage

Or would that be profane? Well the next shortcut I remember, again before electronic media was AMF and no I am not talking about the bowling centers. Which brings to mind some of the common big people abbreviations today:

WTH? (Very easy to figure out)

WTF? Which I understand the military was using for years before E-Media as the call letters, “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot.”

To these we can add KMA, FU, (I know only two letters, but really FU) (Side bar, Florida University?) and GFYS.

LMFAO – Again you fill in the blanks

And FUBAR! Which I remember from long, long before E-Media

Flash Back – Fast Forward

Now another one I remember from my very early days from electronic bulletin boards was LOL which everyone knows about, but this also is very dear to me as I worked for Land O’ Lakes for 14 Years, way, way before E-Media.

Some of my other favorites are LMAO, PITA (and if you are one you know it and I am not talking about the bread) LIC, BRB, and 4COL.

Now those of you who I text on a regular bases we also have our own code that if someone intercepts would not be able to understand.
OTG, ATL. HDD, BDD, HBDD BTP or ATP OTL, OTW 2TL, WRU, AAH and who could forget OTD (Thanks S.M.) This is always evolving so I am sure I am missing a couple.

So it is time for OTG, ATL, HBDD




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