It is that time of year again where we all pause to give thanks, unfortunately I usually (thanks to drinking) cannot seem to remember what we are giving thanks for :). So as I was sitting at one of my favorite bars last weekend the talk turned to the upcoming holiday and we drifted to the subject of our favorite TV shows about, what else, Turkey Day! So here are my top five favorite Thanksgiving Themed TV shows.

Number 5: Friends, the one with football. Yes my friends and I used to do the same thing on Thanksgiving, except after we ate.
Chandler: Do you want to go shotgun?
Ross: Yea!

Number 4 – Seinfeld, The Mom and Pop Store. Who can forget, John Voight’s car (Doesn’t John spell his name Jon? Maybe Jon misspelled his own name) and the take on “The Midnight Cowboy as well as Mr. Pitt  and the parade.

Number 3 – Cheers, Thanks Giving Orphans. If you have not seen this you need to check it out. This reminds all of us how dysfunctional Holidays can be. One of the reasons that Central Patti and I have not been home for  Turkey Day in over a dozen years . The food fight is priceless and we almost get to see Vera.

Sam: Christmas comes earlier every year, doesn't it?
Woody: I think if you check Sam, it always comes on the 25th of December

Number 2 – A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Your still a dumb ass Charlie Brown for trusting Lucy, but hey you were young them. I bet about the time you married and divorced her you had learned a lot of life’s lessons. :)

And my Number 1 all time favorite and one of my favorite TV Show Episodes of all time (Drum Roll)

WKRP Turkey’s Away – “As God is my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly! Absolutely hilarious and using the Hindenburg comparison put it over the top.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. To all the Usual Suspects HBDW!


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