Infused Vodka Part II

As promised in Infused Vodka Part I here is how to make a very easy infused Vodka and several flavors of it, cheap, quick and easy.

This time we choose Wild Cherry and a new infusion of Werthers Carmel.

The process of infusing candy is so easy I am almost embarrassed to share it. I first stumbled across this idea in Fort Lauderdale about a decade ago at Dan Mariano’s Steak House and Lounge.

To infuse Vodka with a candy of your choice simple add about 18-20 pieces of Jolly Ranchers or as we did this time Life Savers Wild Cheery. You will need to have a jar with an opening large enough to fit the candy through, thus the Jolly Rancher works great as it will fit through the opening of a Vodka bottle. You can simply pour off the amount of Vodka that the candy will displace and let stand for about 8 hours.

As I stated we choose Life Savers Wild Cherry and used one of our many decanters letting stand overnight. After the candy dissolves fully you can use this to make a variety of Martini’s and Cocktails.

To make a great Martini add two to three shots of the mix to a chilled shaker with some ice and shake vigorously. Then add a splash of diet 7up to your chilled Martini glass and strain your mixture into the glass. You can also serve this on the rocks if you prefer.

We have made many different flavors over the years including, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Vanilla (Using Vanilla Vodka) and Cinnamon.

For a change you can also use Sour Mix for your mixer.

This was the first time we tried the Werthers Carmel concoction and I must say this turned out better than I expected. For this infusion we choose Four Roses Bourbon (The Official Bourbon of MySideOfTheBar) and put three of the candies in a small glass filing with Bourbon and letting stand overnight. This mix is great by it self or you could add to coffee on a chilly evening.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your infusion as many lounges here in the K.C. area go very wild with infusing alcohol. One of my wilder attempts at infusing was to use Olives to infuse Vodka for my Dirty Martini’s.



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