Happy Anniversary JJ’s

25 years is a long, long time for any anniversary, however for a Restaurant it would be an eternity.

In a day and age where restaurants seem to be opening and closing weekly it is nice to see one of our favorites celebrating their Silver Anniversary this past Sunday.

This establishment has been locally owned and operated by restaurateur Jimmy Frantzè and we have been fortunate to visit JJ’s many, many times as it is the closest bar to our home.

The bar here is absolutely quaint and the bartenders make an excellent Dirty Martini. The appetizer menu is very diverse and the dinner menu is something to enjoy.

I would not rank JJ’s in what I term the Plaza’s Big Four, which includes

Ruth’s Chris, The Plaza III, Starkers, and The Capital Grill.

However JJ’s food quality is comparable and he prices are much, much less and the staff is always very efficient and friendly

We were fortunate to attend the 25th Anniversary Party and enjoyed some good food, good drinks and some great music by The Allied Saints who lead singer reminded me of V.K. Lynn (You may remember her from the Smokes and Booze Blog) The block in from of JJ’s was totally shut down and we enjoyed the food, drinks and music in the on a great summer day.


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