College Reunion

It is always good to get together with your old college buddies and last week here at MySideOfTheBar that is exactly what I did. I spent part of the week with two of my fellow college graduates J. and L. S. and Family and J. and H. E. and family, at the Tan Tara Resort on the Lake of the Ozarks.

We have been doing this for about 5 years, however none of us can remember for sure and as C.O. will tell you I am never wrong so I am going with 5 years. We get together and tell stories, have some drinks and lots and lots of laughs. It is always funny to see how we have aged, well all except me as everyone knows I have not changed in years.

We all graduated from College in 1998-1999 and without these two I may never have graduated. I was the elder of the group that also included a couple of genius twins brothers, J. and D. H., as well as L. P., E.O. and E.M. I was 35 as a freshman in college and my two buddies at the reunion were around your typical college age. We had some great times and we even all worked for the college library together for awhile.

I can not say enough about the resort as this is one great place to get together. The resort has a couple of lounges/restaurants and my favorite is the Black Bear, although the view at the Jetty is also great. While the bartenders in the Black Bear were only average at making Manhattans, the atmosphere is always very relaxing.

We picked the hottest week of the year so if we were not in the pool we were in a lounge or relaxing in one of the condos my friends had rented.

I finished a distance third again this year in the mini-golf tournament, and J.S. won for the third year in a row. I think he cheats, but I can not prove it. :)

The Timber Falls is also a great place especially for kids (and adults) and the resort also houses a bowling alley, billiards and a great arcade.

We spent many a late night and I put lots and lots of miles on the car driving back and fourth, but it was all worth the travel and we are looking forward to next year already.



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