Happiness is...

As I was sitting at My Side of the Bar this weekend I ordered a dry martini, straight up, olives and no twist. The bartender created my cocktail and it had three olives on a stick and I replied, "Happiness is finding 3 olives in your martini at dinner time".

The bartender gave me a curious look and asked if I had just made that up? I replied, "No as a matter a fact it is a favoriate quote of mine from a book I have".

Actually it is not a 100% accurate quote as you will see.

Several years ago I started to collect books with Martini in the title. One of my favoriates was published around 1968 by Johnny Carson and illistrated by Whitney Darrow Jr.(a pure genious when it comes to drawings) Carson to me will always be the master of witisisms. His jokes were short and to the point and he like me never gave a damn about being politically correct.

So from this book here are a few of my favoriate lines from this great book. Are they political correct? Not by today's standards. Do I care, to be blunt, hell no.

If you feel like you may be offended, please leave now, however if you wish to see humor at it's best, please continue. If the graphics are to small to read simply click on them to enlarge.


Dedicated to Ed of Smokes and Booze

As you may suspect, my personal favoriate


  1. Remember that cartoonist in Playboy? Way back when it was a good magazine.


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