Hello From the Islands

As most of my 10's of readers know MySideOfTheBar is spending the month of February in Key West. Which can probably figure means visits to many, many drinking establishments. I thought I would do some quick hits on them as the weeks go by.

My first post (not stop) is the Whistle Bar which is located on Duval Street right here in Key West. The Whistle Bar is actually part of a three level bar. The Bull is the first level and hosts great live entertainments.

The Whistle Bar is on the second level and along with a full service bar has an awesome outside bar rail that is worth a lot more that you have to pay to sit outside (the price of your drink) You look over Duval Street and can see perfectly all the people walking by. You have probably guessed this gets more entertaining as the evening goes by. :)

The third level you will need to check out for yourself. (Caution)

The Professor


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