Service Industry

Recently MySideOfTheBar has been on the road to an undisclosed Caribbean location where we made an interesting observation. We stayed at a 5 Star all inclusive resort where there are no gratuities allowed under penalty of dismissal. The most noticeable and interesting thing was I have never seen a group of workers more happy, more polite or more helpful. No matter what their job from the grounds keepers, to house keeping to the wait staff to the bar tenders all were more that courteous  and always smiling.

We had a chef in the Japanese Steakhouse who was very entertaining with  his jokes and songs and general conversations. We had a bar waitress and a waitress in the Italian Restaurant that could not have been nicer and our wine glasses never were empty. The bartenders remembered what you drank and served you with a smile in very short order.

I guess what I am saying is I kind of felt bad for not being able to leave a tip. So if you are in the service industry in the U.S. keep this in mind when you are having a bad day. Perhaps all service people should have to observe this type of work ethic first hand?

Shitters Full

Ok if you can not fly a couple of hours without having to take a dump then I am not sure what to tell you. I was flying from Jamaica to Chicago and wanted to use the loo. Just as I was about to get up a guy weighing about 325 beat me to the door so I remained in my seat. I waited, I waited and I waited. Finally he came out and oh yea, could not even bother shutting the door flooding the front of the cabin with a foul order. Come on man hold it in or at the least shut the damn door!

Next week The Jamaican Pub Crawl!
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