Bulleit Bourbon

Recently I was given a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey 10 Year Limited Release by one of the new "Usual Suspects" J.E.

The taste is interesting to say the least (more on that at a latter date), however the story behind it is more that a little interesting so I thought I would relay it here in a multi-part post.

The Tough Old Days

The American frontier was a time as well as a place. It was an era rich with opportunity but not short on hardship and strife. Dreaming big and taking risks was just a way of life. Many headed west with little more than a horse, an axe, a bag of salt, a barrel of Bourbon and a dream.

When Whiskey Meant Bourbon

They crossed the Red River, The Badlands, The High Sierras, Death Valley. They were mountain men and cowboys. Wives and dance hall girls. Men of few words and women of substance who when they asked for Whiskey, expected Bourbon.

Bulleit Bourbon

Augustus Bulleit knew a good thing when he tasted it. (as you probably do as well as  you are reading this) So when Tom Bulleit decided to craft a Bourbon just like his great, great grandfather he searched for a location with superb limestone-filtered water. History taught him the importance of water in making the finest Whiskey. He aged his Bourbon in new charred oak and of course he stuck with a high rye content blend to continue the Bulleit family tradition. The result is a premium quality sour mash Kentucky straight Bourbon that's russet in color, carries a rich oaky aroma, delivers distinct hints of vanilla and dried fruit and ends with a long smoky finish.

Be sure to tune in for in the coming weeks for Part Two of Bulleit Bourbon and it's history.

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