The Shearer Delight

Well it was a typical Martini Hour here at MySideOfTheBar yesterday. Started around 4 and ended, hell I can't even remember when. Several shifts of "Usual Suspects" popped in and out and I can safely say a good time was had by all. If you follow @mysideofthebar on Twitter or happen to be one of the luck ones who is a friend on Facebook you have already see a tweet on some new alcohol that recently showed up at the bar.

So in typical fashion we had to create a cocktail fitting not only the mood here, but also the crowd. (not that I gave them much choice) I really had no experience with Crown and that is my bad given the popularity of the Whiskey.

So without further ado here is the cocktail and the tale that goes with it.

1 Part Crown
1 Part Maple Syrup
1 Part Cream de Cacao
1 Part Whipped Vodka
Splash of Skim Milk (cream, whatever)

And in typical MySideOfTheBar fashion we had to name this elixir of the Gods. Several names were tossed around, however it was D.R. who came up with The Shearer Delight in honor of the good folks, C. and S. S. who were the founders of the feast as it were!

The Professor


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