Coconuts, Lake of the Ozarks

As most of my tens of readers know, I spend a lot of my free time in Bars, Pubs, Taverns etc. I get to enjoy many new experiences and cocktails and what can I say, life is good.

It is not often I get overjoyed with a new spot, however a couple of weeks back I took a quick water ride on a waver runner and parked at Coconuts on the Lake of the Ozarks.

Coconuts is located at the 7 MM of the Gravois Arm and as long as you stay to the right of the Gas Hole sign you can't miss it as the property is very expansive.

Coconuts offers a basketball court, sand volleyball, ladder golf & washers! For the kids - water trampoline, new expanded playground on the beach, 3-hole miniature golf, and ice cream shack!

However the main attraction to me is the large pool with TWO swim up bars. I would also be remiss if I did not state that the quality of the food is most excellent. I cannot say the prices are cheap, however with quality of the food and the great atmosphere it is well worth a stop.

I was blessed with great company that day including Central Patti

I also want to apologize to the waver runner gang for posting these pics, however that is the risk you take when running with me.

As you can see by the next picture that I took, my camera skills need improving.

However with the faux pas in the picture, a new cocktail was named later that week and look for details to follow in a future blog post.

The Professor


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