Over the last 14 days I have been on the road a lot. One reason for the lack of new post, the other being I wanted to leave the contest up as long as possible. With being on the road so much I decided to redefine WTF to "Where the Flip" am I?

Speaking of the contest I want to announce that SA. M. was the winner guessing closest to the total cigar bands in the bottle which was 213.

Central Patti and I started our adventure at our condo with the annual Derby Party

As usual Central Patti made some great Mint Juleps and look very sexy in her derby outfit. The party was a great time despite my inability to pick a winner again this year.

 After a couple of days at home it was off to Overland Park the next Friday for dinner at Applebee's. I have to say that the happy hour drink specials was one of the most surprising I have found lately. Well cocktails for $2.00! The icing on the cake was you could order as many as you wanted prior to happy hour ending and you still received this great price.

While Central Patti was carbing up for her third half-marathon on 5 weeks I decided to go lighter and try the new Thai Shrimp Salad. A most excellent choice if I do say so myself.

We will need to check out Applebee's more often for Happy Hour.

So after what seemed like a day of planes, trains and automobiles just to get to the race with Central Patti the day went very, very well. Central Patti completed her third half-marathon in five weeks and was very consistent in all three with her time not varying more than a minute or so. She also tied her personal best in the second race with a time of 2:16:08. Most excellent for 13.1 miles.

After a quick stop at home for brunch and a shower we were off to Des Moines to celebrate.

Central Patti had to be there for work so we used this as a quick celebration stop. We stayed at the Renaissance Savory Hotel which is a nice hotel built back in the 1930's and very recently remodeled. The rooms are set up a little odd and to me look like they may have combined two of the older rooms in to a newer suite.

We had cocktails in the bar and I will have to say I have seen better bar staff. I was disappointed in their craft cocktail skills as both my Manhattan and Martini were subpar. The bartenders did not have any flair and their idea of a good cocktail was a lackluster attempt at best.

We walked the skywalk to the 801 Chophouse for dinner and I ordered another Manhattan. While the cocktail was somewhat better, it still was subpar in my opinion. We  had a great dinner to say the least, however for the cost you expect a high quality cuisine.

We are only halfway though our adventure, however this is enough for this week as I am sure my 10's of readers are already bored!

The Professor


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