Happy New Year!

This will obviously be my last post of the year and I want to wish all my readers a very safe and Happy New Year. I also want to add a reminder to not drink and drive.

With that here are a few tips for you as you attend your NYE festivities.

1. As I said before, do not drink and drive and have your transportation plan constructed prior to venturing out.

2. Have a meal prior to starting the celebrating. I find a nice meal at the beginning of the evening enjoyable and it will help absorb your alcohol consumption.

3.  Drink lots of water! I always try to space my alcoholic beverages with a glass of water between every two. If you are not a professional drinking alternate a glass of water between each drink. (this can also save you big $$$)

4. Snack as the night goes on which again will help you with absorbing your cocktails. (You can start your diet tomorrow, which is the perfect day to start any task. Tomorrow ;))

5. Remember NYE is amateur night out for drinkers so be tolerant of others, some people do not get out as often and tend to well make assess out of the selves.


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