With the holiday season upon us and everyone scrambling to get all the ingredients for your "perfect" Thanksgiving Dinner, I bet you forgot the Wine!

Most do and there is still no cause for panic. To me Wine is the quintessential ingredient to a successful cocktail or dinner party. It adds a touch of class and also provides a focal point for conversation. (after all who has not heard things like, I enjoy a dry wine, I like a sweet wine etc.)

Here are a few tips to make your job of  "Sommelier" easier.

Probably the most important is price. You do not need to break the bank when choosing your Wines. Most restaurants make up a bottle of Wine about 300 percent, so that 30 dollar bottle in a bistro is only about 10 in your local liquor store.

I also recommend having a wide selection (remember, price is not really an issue) Include a dry red, a sweet red, a dry white and a sweet white. Also a nice Rose' as this is excellent with turkey. I also never worry about matching much more than that as most people will drink what they know and I do not go by the red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat theories.

I get this question probably more than any on wine. How much wine do I need? Well you know your guest better than I, but here are two good tips.

For a 2 hour cocktail hour/party/dinner

3 glasses a person x 20 people = about  12 bottles of wine

For a 4 hour event

5 glasses a person x 8 people = 8 bottles of wine

also push water and be sure you have drivers for your guest that if they are like me will drink and not wish to drive.

Another question I get a lot is how long to chill wine to a proper serving temp?

White to about 55 degrees
In a refrigerator - 1.5 hours
In a freezer = 40 min
In ice and water (my favorite) - 20 min

Red wine is a matter of taste, but give this a try some time for a change of pace. Put in the fridge for about 20 min and serve at 65 degrees

Have a Great Holiday
The Professor


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