Blue Mountain Cigars

I should start this blog by giving a brief background on my introduction to Blue Mountain Cigars. One of the K.C. TobacPack, the Enforcer, brought one of the lines to a gathering.

As you can tell by the name, this company has an excellent marketing department.

In truth, this is an excellent Cigar and to my knowledge the only one of its kind  available.

This stick has three wrappers(thus the name, Threesome) and three different blends of tobacco, Connecticut with Jalapan fillers from Honduras and a Nicaraguan binder. The second is Ecuadorian Habano with Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers and a Dominican binder. The last, is Mata Finz Maduro wrapper with secret binders and fillers.

The K.C. TobacPack long ago gave this stick the seal of approval and they are part of our regular smokes. To me the most unique thing about this stick is that you can tell when you change from one of the tobaccos to that other.

The other cigar from Blue Mountain that caught our eye was the Swinger. (Yes we also think there may be more than meets the eye going on)

Another great stick from Blue Mountain and it is also very new so not much background is yet available on this stick. What I can tell you is that it comes in two varieties the light wrapper and the dark wrapper. I have enjoyed the “After Dark” (the dark wrapper) and I have one of the light wrappers so more to follow on this.

So with this background I was perusing Facebook and found that a Blue Mountain Cigar Event was scheduled for that day at Cigar and Tobac so Central Patti and I decided to attend.

The event started with the owner of the company, Marvin Wright giving a brief, but informative presentation, on his company outlining several of the sticks. After a few questions from the patrons we all settled in for some great sticks and conversation.

Central Patti and I had the pleasure of Marvin’s company for a long while and discussed everything from Cuban history and politics to great cigars. Marvin is on a whirl wind tour of the U.S. visiting many different tobacco shops in route.

Marvin is a very intelligent individual and also most generous as we were presented with several different sticks as well as a Montecristo Number 8 from Cuba. I thought I had smoked a real Cuban prior to this day, but now I am thinking no. A real Cuban cigar has a very distinctive taste and smell you cannot forget. Marvin also had some "Jamaican Moonshine" (Jamaican Over-proof Rum) he shared that well all I can say is wow!

The Professor, Central Patti and Marvin enjoying a Threesome

At this event we also had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Cigar and Tobac, Lyn Beyer. Lyn is one of the most knowledgeable cigar and pipe aficionados I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Lyn is so passionate about his “hobby” as he calls it that he is always willing to take time to share his experience and ideas. In the short while I chatted with him I learned a lot about pipe smoking I intend to apply the next time I light up one of my pipes.

Marvin and Lyn

Central Patti and I received no less than 8 free sticks, not counting the ones we received for purchasing others and had great conversation with some great new friends.
Thanks to Cigar and Tobac for the great Blue Mountain event and to Marvin for chatting and sharing a great afternoon.

The Professor

P.S. Do not tell the Enforcer and the KiDD, however I have a few sticks for them the next couple of Whiskey Wednesdays


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