Studio Tobac Cigar Event

As most of you as regular readers of this blog know I am a frequent attendee of cigar events around the Midwest. For the most part these are always a great time and as with everything there are exceptions. Recently I attended an exception, The Studio Tobac Event at Fidels.

Normally when attending a cigar event you have the option to buy three cigars and receive a free cigar of the vendor’s choice or a box of cigars and receive as many as eight free cigars of the vendors choice. With the three cigar option you generally receive one raffle ticket and with a box you receive as many as 7 raffle tickets.  The raffles are for vendor supplied swag and cigars. I should add that over the  years I have scored a lot of cool sway, including Ash Trays, Lighters, Numerous Hats, and Cigars.

At an event you also have beverages (normally beer) and food.

For this particular event buying three sticks you did receive a free stick, however no raffle tickets. Food was provided by A. W. from Speedy Dog who has some of the best burgers and dogs in K.C.  It is always a treat when A.W. is serving up his finest.  Beer was also available at this event and as always appreciated.
The pre-event hype was all about Studio Tobac and their tour which featured a cigar roller. I have been too many events that boasted a cigar roller, however never an event that had a cigar roller where the fresh rolled cigars were unobtainable.  The K.C. TobacPack was in attendance and T.G. even took the time to engage the not so friendly cigar roller as to the method of obtaining a fresh rolled stick. (even to the point of offering money) The result was that the only way to obtain a stick was to have a raffle ticket that could only be obtained by purchasing an entire box of their cigars.  I had already spent over 60 dollars on cigars, buying two three stick samplers, and did not wish an entire box. So as you can see we were shutout of the raffle.

The other very odd and annoying thing occurring was the choice of music played by the D.J. The crowd was an older crowd which would have enjoyed a more lounge style of music, however the D.J. kept cranking out some high energy, hip hop shit tunes that no one I talked to appreciated.
All in all the event was the worst I have attended. The K.C. TobacPack departed about an hour into the event and it will not only be a long while before we attend another Studio Tobac event, but an even longer while before we purchase any of their products.


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