The Classic Cup

It is not often (thankfully) that I write a blog like this and I have both Tweeted and Blogged about The Classic Cup before. However, this time it is not a favorable review.

The Classic Cup is located on what some call Kansas Cities Crown Jewel, The Country Club Plaza and Central Patti and I have been visiting this establishment for many years. Normally you find a very well stocked bar and friendly service along with an excellent menu.

This was not the case on our last visit a week back. We choose The Classic Cup for it's great patio seating and the weather was very uncharacteristically cool for an August Sunday in Kansas City. From the time we walked in you could sense something was not quite right. The bar itself looked disheveled  as we walked past while the hostess showed us to our seats on the sidewalk patio.

It took several minutes for a waitress to come to the table and as she took our drink orders you could see a distant look on her face as if she would rather be anywhere but waiting on us. The young lady took our order (not writing anything down) and Central Patti and I both said there is no way we will get what we ordered.

The order was simple as Central Patti ordered a Gin and Tonic and I a Vodka Martini, up, with two olives and a twist. As we expected our waitress returned about 4 minutes later and again asked for our drink order.

Even I know that you want to get a drink to your patrons quick as possible (10 minutes being max) because the sooner you get a customer a drink the more you have the possibility to sell them. After all alcohol is where the money is. Our time from sitting to our first drink was about 12 minutes.

The waitress then took our order and as we sipped our drinks Patti stated that something was off in her drink. I sampled it and it was the Tonic that was bad tasting, probably due to a dirty drink gun.

I went to have a drink of water and found that we had not been served any.

I ordered the Lox and Bagel plate and Central Patti ordered the Pulled Pork Quesadilla. Mine should have looked great, however you immediately noticed all the vegetable toppings looked either old or as if they had sat out for awhile. I tried a piece of the Pork Quesadilla and a big piece of fat fell out on my plate.

We ate some finished the cocktails having not ordered any others and I decided to go to the mensroom prior to continuing our walk on the plaza.I am not sure why I was so shocked, however the facilities were filthy and smelled like urine. I know The Classic Cup is busy on Sundays, however they really need to have someone clean periodically during the day.

So shame on you Classic Cup, I will give you another chance but given all the options on the Plaza it may be awhile.

The Professor


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