Horseshoe Bend Brewing Company

Last week I was lucky enough to be at the Lake of the Ozarks and previously heard rumors of a new brew company not more than three miles or so from our condo. So with nothing else on the agenda decided to give the Horseshoe Bend Brewing Company a visit.

I was accompanied by one of the Kansas City Tobacpack's usual suspects, J.W. (yes the infamous J-Dub, from the cigar reviews)

The new brewery is located in the old fire station on Bittersweet road just a block from Carls. Their motto, "Have a Brew on the Bend" is perfect for this establishment and judging by the three beers we sampled I  believe this to be a perfect location and business for this area.

For five dollars U.S.  you can get a sampler of three six ounce pours and this day we sampled Howling Hef (Hefeweizen) the Harbor Hopped (IPA) and Bagnell Brown (Brown Ale). All three had an excellent taste and enough characteristics to show the master brewer's expertise.

The overall atmosphere is great and along with a nice lounge (big enough for gatherings such as office parties) and bar the brewery also features a large beer garden.

There is also a rumor that they are installing a pizza oven and if so what more could you ask for on a nice relaxing day at the lake than beer and pizza?

The Professor


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