Blind Whiskey Tasting

Recently the founding members of the Kansas City Cigar Club (KCCC) met here at MySideOfTheBar for a blind Whiskey tasting.

 KCC's Founding Members
I picked out 6 Whiskeys that covered practically the entire Whiskey World and a price range from about 16.00 - 200.00 USD a bottle.

The Line Up
Pendleton Rye
Tullamore Dew Irish Whisky
Kansas Most Wanted 
E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon
Crown Royal XR
Glenfarclas 12 yr Single Malt Scotch

We were served a half ounce pour by our hostess Central Patti and took a few notes and ranked them in order from favorite to least favorite.

                                                                 The Hostess

Without further ado, here is the results and a few comments

J.W.                                         T.G.                                      The Professor
Tullamore Dew                         Pendleton Rye                       E.H. Taylor Bourbon
Pendleton Rye                          E.H. Taylor Bourbon             Crown XR
Crown XR                               Tullamore Dew                      Glenfarclas Scotch
Most Wanted                           Most Wanted                        Tullamore Dew
Glenfarclas Scotch                   Crown XR                             Most Wanted
E.H. Taylor Bourbon               Glenfarclas                             Pendleton Rye

Crown XR - Lavender Fingernail Polish Remover
Tullamore Dew - Expensive Flavored Fingernail Polish Remover
Most Wanted - Smooth, No Smell, Burns Throat
Pendleton Rye - Fingernail Polish Remover
Glenfarclas Scotch - Orange Flavored Fingernail Polish Remover
E.H. Taylor Bourbon - Apple Juice Flavored Lighter Fluid Burns All The Way Down

A. (last initial withheld because, well I don't know it)
Crown XR
Most Wanted
Pendleton Rye
Tullamore Dew
E.H. Taylor Bourbon
Glenfarclas Scotch

I have to say there were some very interesting rankings and observatations as I choose the Bourbon as my number one and I am a Bourbon drinker.

I gave the Scotch it's highest ranking and I also drink a lot of Scotch

J.W. had the Irish Whisky as his number one and he drinks a lot of Irish Whiskey.

The Most Wanted ranked much higher than I would have guessed.

All in all we had an excellent time and I want to thank all that attended with a special thanks to Central Patti for serving as the Hostess.

The Professor


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