I walked into the bar that night, looking for everything but expecting nothing.

I drew a seat at the bar and engaged the Bar keep. “Whiskey, 2 fingers, no ice.”

Then she caught my eye. Sitting alone, corner table, beautiful. The bar keep returns with my whiskey. As I pulled out my Alec Bradley MAX I asked what her story was. He said no story really, she is waiting on someone. She is always waiting on someone who never shows. I strike my lighter and puff my MAX. She catches my eyes through the flame and walks toward me. She ask, “is that a Alec Bradley MAX.” I blow out the smoke and say “yes it is” she said “I have been waiting for you” The bar keep smiles and says "the whiskey is on the house".

I walked in the bar looking for everything, but with my Alec Bradley MAX, expecting nothing was an unfair game

J-DuBB Scale - 9


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