Bourbon, BBQ and Beer

Four Roses The Return of a Whiskey Legend!

This was perhaps the single greatest Bourbon day ever! Recently Central Patti and I attended the Bourbon, BBQ and Beer event at the Bluestem here in K.C. (if you follow @mysideofthebar on Twitter you would have seen the tweets on the event) A ticket to the event was $50.00 and included an all you can eat BBQ buffet consisting of four different stations and a multitude of different foods. You also received four drink tickets good for a variety of cocktails, Bourbon or Beer.

Our first stop as usually was at the bar to cool off after our walk to the event and I had a Gazpacho Cocktail which was very interesting if not a little refreshing and Central Patti had Bourbon Punch made with Four Roses Bourbon. I was also able to sample the Limited Edition Small Batch and have to say it was one of the most interesting Bourbons I have ever had.

Some Back Ground on our Four Roses Discovery

Central Patti and I have been the unofficial Four Roses Ambassadors since the day we discovered this Bourbon in March of 2008 wandering the streets of Paris looking for something for a nightcap to take back to our Hotel. You see after cleaning out the mini-bar twice we figured we needed to cut back :). Much to our surprise Four Roses proved to be some of the best Bourbon we had ever had. After all we had been drinking all day and the cost was only about twelve dollars American.

On our return to the states imagine our dismay when we could not find Four Roses in the entire state of Missouri. Why you ask? Well you can read about it here, but we were only able to purchase it when in Illinois or when a friend or relative visited they would bring us several bottles.

Four Roses the Return of a Legend

Now fast forward a year. I was sitting around the house and Central Patti walked in with a paper bag and said “I have a surprise for you!” Well she did to as the bag contained none other than Four Roses that had returned to the shelves in K.C.

Now back to the Bourbon, BBQ and Beer Event.

After the cocktails at the bar we moved to the patio and were ecstatic when you discovered the Four Roses Table! We walked up to the table and introduced ourselves as the unofficial Four Roses Ambassadors to Kansas City. We met Al Young who presented us with a copy of “Four Roses, the Return of a Whiskey Legend” Al is not only the author of this book, but the Brand Ambassador from Four Roses. Al was gracious and took the time to chat with us about Four Roses and personally autographed our copy of the book.

Al Young signing our book

Al Young, Central Patti and Me (the Professor0

What a great day this was in Bourbon history here at MySideOfTheBar and consumed many, many glasses of Four Roses. Is it any wonder that Four Roses has been the official Bourbon here at MySideOfTheBar since the blogs inception!

A special thanks to Al Young and Karen Kushner from Four Roses, Michael Morley of LOHR Distributing and the Folks at The Bluestem.

The Professor


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