Baypoint Condo Crawl 2010

Ok, so the third annual Condo Crawl is a thing of the past. I believe it is safe to say that a good time was held by all. We did not have the attendance we had in 2009 with a few cancellations due to Weather and Family Issues, but while we missed those regulars who could not attend a good time was hadd by all.

A special thank you to K. and J. B. for organizing even though they could not attend this year and a note to say we really missed some of the others. J. and P. C. and A. and A. S. Also we had another couple retire to sunny FL, B. and P. S. (no relation to A and A S ) and the S’s were also missed.

For those of you not familiar with a Condo Crawl you have as may wishing to attend have a drink special (or two or six) a food item if they wish and some even may have a theme (not required). You spend approximately an hour at the condo and proceed to the next.

During the usual cocktail hour on Friday night we decided to start the official Crawl earlier (1:00 P.M) so we could have two meals and if some decided not to stay up late they would still be able to make it to all the condos. This worked great and will become the norm in future crawls.

Some of us (Ok so me) started the pre-crawl at about 10:30 as I ventured down to S. and C. O’s Condo to help C prepare her world famous Pumpkin Desert. (I have no idea what it was called, but it has to be world famous as it was great). After a few drinks there S and I went to Central Patti and my condo for a Bloody Mary and then went to check on our boat and Wave Runners. Finding all in its place we stopped back by S and C’s Condo and picked up C and went to the first Condo on the Crawl which was ours. We enjoyed Bloody Marys and Screw Drivers with pork sandwiches.

We then moved to B. and R. M’s condo where we enjoyed some fine wine and a veggie tray with some of the best dip I had tasted. As B. is a fire eater it was very, very hot! Still very tasty.

Next on the crawl was the Condo Newbie’s P. and D. T. (D. being B and R’s daughter and P. the son in-law) Their Condo was very nice and had a beautiful glass wall that made the entire Condo look very deep. The drink was a punch called Witches Brew and had an excellent veggie pizza and an excellent Jalapeno Dip (while my mouth was still on fire from the last dip I did not try this but was told by all it was great)

Next we crawled to L. and D. S’s Condo which is a favorite hang out for the “Bay Point Usual Suspects” The theme there was Madre Gras and had three traditional drinks. Lava Lamp, Red Rooster, Red Snapper II. I do not have the recipe handy (Google it), but all were great. My favorite being the Red Snapper II which was a combination of Amaretto and Canadian Mist, very, very smooth. D. made the mistake of setting one of her deli trays in from of S. O. and I and well let’s just say it disappeared. (Nice one S. :))

The next Condo was the only East Sider Condo represented this year, home of S. and S. M. The weather was starting to cool off so we stopped at our Condo for a jacket (and another highball)

S. made some GREAT Shrimp Creole served over rice and it was so good I had two helpings. This entry was seasoned great, not to spicy even for me :). The drinks of the hour were Hurricanes, my choice and these were indeed very good and S. and S’s house specialty all year round (Next to Grants Scotch which is an entirely another story) “Lemonade” which I believe has as much rum in it as lemonade. Everyone who had it loved it and I can not wait for warm weather to try one myself.

Ok, so now we have a stop I can not explain, but it was back to our condo for the next stop. Our theme was a Lulu and we had Hawaiian Wine and everyone got leid. [insert your one liner here]

Next it was back (for me anyway) to S. and C. O’s condo for Mimosas and the Pumpkin Desert that I helped make :)) Again the desert was award winning as I helped myself to second’s and thirds. The only casualties took place at this condo. Sorry for the broken glass and spilt drink, good one Central Patti.

The night was still young so in the “Usual Suspect” tradition it was back to L. and D. S’s condo for Karaoke. No Condo Crawl would be complete without hearing me sing Mack the Knife or D. S. and I sing “I Got You Babe”. (actually you can skip hearing me sing, but D. S. is well worth hearing) In addition C. O. Does a great job on Black Velvet and is well worth hearing.

There were five of us who were still crawling at about 2:30 A.M. and we finally had no energy to crawl any more. We made a good night toast and thus Condo Crawl 2010 ended.

Thanks to all who attended and hope to do it again next year.



  1. You couldn't of explained it any better than that. its nice to have a recap for all the things you can't remember.

  2. Great times and great memories! Looking forward to next year already. We will have your order for a "Lemonade" waiting for you this summer.
    S & S


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