St. Pat’s Celebration Cruise

That’s right, MySideOfTheBar was on the road, or should I say on the water last weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks on the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Cruise.

This is a great time and very cheap for a couple of hours of cruising. Big thanks to S.O. for getting our group of Baypoint “Usual Suspects”(which incidentally made up half of the entire cruise this year) a great rate of only six dollars a head. The weather was not great but then again I actually stood outside on the back deck almost the entire cruise (thanks to a patio heater) and wore only a sport coat.

The drink specials were also very good they had several beer specials for the ridiculously low price of two dollars a bottle, while I enjoyed a green drink they called “Grog” which I was told contained about every type of white liquor you could think of for only three dollars.

Don Akers provided the entertainment in the bar and sang a mixture of all types of music from 60’s and 70’s tunes (Brandy you’re a fine girl!) to traditional St. Patrick’s music. However try as I might I could NOT get C.O. to sing a song. (Black Velvet if you Please!)

All in all a great day and another big thanks to S.O. for being our DDD (fill in the blanks for the third D for yourself)



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