Tired of Hearing about the Blue Heaven

After spending 66 days in Key West in the last year I am growing tired of hearing people say, "You have to go to the Blue Heaven!" Yes while it is a cool  place, it simply is not worth going to more than once. The prices and the waiting, not to mention cocktails that are phoned in. So with that in mind here are 5 places worth visiting over the Blue Heaven for fine dining while on the Rock.

5. The Commodore Waterfront Restaurant - While it is true the outside seating is limited the food here is excellent. Service is also a priority at the Commodore. In addition the wharf in Key West provides some excellent scenery.

4. Latrattoria in Old Town - The only reason this establishment was not higher on the list is because we have only visited it once. The bartender recommended the snapper and the hog fish and since she made an excellent Old Fashioned we took her advice. We were NOT disappointed. While you do not have the views here as with the other restaurants, it is cool sitting on Duval street and watching the  people.

3. Bagatelle - This old house turned restaurant used to be on the south side of the island and they moved it to the north side. In doing so they created a great place to eat and the upstairs deck provides excellent outside dining.

2. Latitudes on Sunset Key - Yes it is true you have to take a boat to get to this restaurant, however if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you. It is actually part of the service. With 5 start dining and a great view of the sunsets you cannot miss in choosing Latitudes. Make sure you get reservations months in advance to be assured a table for dinner.

1. The A & B Lobster House - While I have only been here two times it is my favorite to date. Great outside seating overlooking the wharf. I originally went here because of the Lobster Thermidor, however that we have tried has been most excellent. When finished with dinner go next door to Berlin's Cocktail and Cigar Bar for an after dinner drink and a fine cigar.

Well there you have it, next time you are in Key West give one or more a try and let me know what you think.

The Professor


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