Bloody Mary Mixes

As most of you know that follow this blog or imbibe at MySideOfTheBar I do not like the use of Bloody Mary Mixes. When I see a bar use them I just think they are being lazy. However, there are times when they make sense. When traveling is the main time I use them and yes they are convenient.  As MySideOfTheBar has been on the road for a large part of the last year I thought it would be a good time to share some of the ones I have found that will do in  your travels.

The latest is this

Jack's Smokey Marty Mix - Brought to you by Jack Stacks BBQ of Kansas City. This is a mild mix that in my opinion needs more spice. While it does have a nice flavor and a smoke taste it falls a little short in my opinion. Adding a hot sauce to it could be that answer.

Powell & Mahoney Cocktail Mixer Bloody Mary Sriracha - This is an excellent mix and as you may expect that a nice spice. Also has other ingredients like Worcester Sauce that would expect in a high end Bloody Mary Mix.

I have blogged about this one previously and still believe it to be one of the best. Simply called "Bloody Mary Mix."  This mix has a great combination of flavors and just the right amount of spices. It comes from the Preservation Canning Company our of Sacramento Calf.

So yes while I believe the use of a pre-mix to create your Bloody Mary is Lazy there is indeed a place for such...

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