MLB Predictions 2015

I know I say this every  year, but I was going to forego making predictions this year. If you look at my track record over the last couple of years you will see why. However, as I was sitting around @MySideOfTheBar the other day watching my third game of the day (I would have watched 4, except the NCAA BB finals were on) enjoying an "Emergency" Drink (see past post for references) I realized how baseball and drinking were related. So without further ado here we go!

I will start with the Senior Circuit.

National League East

To me there is only one clear cut choice in this division and that is the Washington Nationals. While the Marlins and Mets have made some improvements I do not believe anyone can match the starting pitching of the Nats. Sorry Braves fans you are rebuilding this year and will not make much of an impact.

National League Central

Not only is there only one choice in the Central, the St. Louis Cardinals are one of the top organizations in baseball. After all the Cards have been in the National League Championship series the past four years. I know the Cubs have some reason to optimistic, however don't they always start off that way?

National League West

This could be the best division in baseball with three solid clubs representing this division.  I really like the Dodgers in this division, however the Padres have shown they are investing in the future and I like their chances. I don't think the Giants will be much of a challenger this year as their losses outweigh their gains.

American League East

This division will be won by the team that stays the healthiest. I am picking Toronto this year to take the crown, however do not count out the Baltimore Orioles as their experience will be helpful. They Yankees will have trouble staying healthy again this year as their age keeps creeping up on them.

American League Central

While my heart is with the Royals in this division I still believe the Tigers are the team to beat. They have a greatly improved offense and I know their starting pitching will be strong. The White Sox, Twins and Indians have all improved and this could be a year where both wild card teams come out of one division.

American League West

The Angels are my pick in this division as I am not sure that either the A's or Rangers have the stuff to knock them off the thrown. Seattle could have an outside shot at them except their travel schedule is always the worst in the entire league. (over 2500 miles more than any other team in baseball)

 National League Wild Card Teams

I am picking the Marlins and the Padres

American League Wild Card Teams

I like the White Sox and Baltimore Orioles

I am taking the Nationals and Tigers to make it to the Series and the Nats winning the whole thing in 6 games.

Who are your picks?

The Professor


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