While baseball and drinking do go hand in hand I was not going to write about my predictions for this years Major League Baseball Season. However, I had requests from several of my tens of fans to do so. I think they may just be making fun of me since I did such a poor job last year. About the only thing I got right for the 2013 season was that the Yankees would not make the playoffs (which they didn't). So here we go...

Starting in the National League West like most other experts I find it hard to believe that the Dodgers will not win their division. I really think the Giants have some great pitching possibilities, however the combination of pitching, offense and speed have be giving the edge to the Dodgers.

In the National League Central I am again this year picking the Milwaukee Brewers. I realize I missed this division by a mile last year, however I think the Brewers pitching will make the difference this year.

Now the National League East will really prove interesting and I like the Braves even with some pitching injuries. The addition of Ervin Santana and the Upton brothers offense along with the fact the Nationals have trouble beating the Braves should be all it takes to bring another pennant to Atlanta.

The American League West should be a dog fight, baring injuries, for the entire season. While you can not ignore the power houses in Texas and Anaheim I really like Oakland for a three peat this year. The addition of Scott Kazmir should only make this club better this year.

The Detroit Tigers should take the American League Central again this year and with Cleveland loosing two of their pivotal pitchers from last years club I am picking the Tigers to easily run away with this division.

Once again this year the American League East will prove to be the toughest and best divisions in baseball. In earnest you could pick almost any team to win the pennant, however I am picking the New York Yankees. I like their pitching staff and the additions to the offense will help bring another championship to New York in Derek Jeter's final season.

Wild Cards:

In the National League I am going to pick the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals.
In the American League I am picking the Boston Redsoxs and the Los Angeles Angels.

So there you have it for 2014. What are your picks?

The Professor


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