Music and Drinking

Do any of you remember the movie “Eddie and the Cruisers?” I really enjoyed this flick and there was a line from the movie that goes like this “Words and Music”… Well I feel the same way about Drinking and Music.

I my love affair with music started long before my love affair with drinking, sometime in the 1960’s. We lived in the country and I did not have many friends so I would spend a lot of time in my room reading and listening to my transistor radio. Yes the one that took a 9v battery. I had to be careful because if I fell asleep with the radio on I was out of luck as Dad would only buy me a new battery on a limited basis. This could be one of the reasons I am so good at name that tune with music from the 60’s and 70’s.

I had many different radios and stereos over the years, however it would be 1980 before I was able to purchase my first good set up. I bought a used Techniques receiver for a hundred bucks and a pair of Bose 301 speakers for the same. It was then my love affair with Bose was born.

 My circa 1980 Techniques receiver

The Bose speakers were awesome and I was so happy to have them for my listening pleasure. Those speakers lasted until my last move in 2008! At which time I picked them up to pack and they literally fell apart. Hey they did not owe me a thing (remember I only paid a hunskie for them) and I have nothing but good things to say about the 301 speakers.

Now in 2008 Central Patti surprised me for one of those milestone birthdays with a new Bose GSX 321 Stereo system. This was an excellent idea and as mot Bose products has great sound.

In 2009 I purchased the Bose Acoustic Wave Radio II for my condo and I love this stereo the sound is full and works for the entire Condo.

Now later in 2009 I had an issue with the GSX System, you see Bose used a sub-par CD/DVD player in this unit. The first one I had lasted a little over a year and the player stopped working which in itself would not have been a big issue, however this malfunction caused the entire unit to stop working.

I spent about an hour troubleshooting myself and another hour on the phone with Bose support, who were more than professional and a great help. However in the end, I had to ship the entire unit to them. As you may imagine this is not an easy task. They paid for the shipping and the service for the unit was covered under warranty, however I was without a stereo for a couple  of weeks. The price I paid (or Central Patti paid) for this stereo system was 15 times what I paid for my Techniques receiver 1980 and as I stated earlier, that system is still in use!  

I am now beginning to see issues again with the CD/DVD player and suffices to say I think my love affair with Bose is ending. Sad, but true but what else to do as spending money on Bose equipment is not a bad investment if it lasts.

I am now looking for a nice set of Bluetooth speakers for my Android phone and Ipod and may have to make a difficult decision.

Just a few thoughts as you are finishing up your Christmas Shopping and as it is after 5 and I am dry I need a Martini



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